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Quality Siding Repair Services in Metro Vancouver

First impressions matter, which is why exterior siding services are a popular choice for homeowners who want to keep their home looking as good as new. However like with anything else, over time exterior siding can be prone to staining or become damaged by weather conditions, leaving your home looking less-than-stellar. If the siding on your Vancouver property is dented, cracked or even melted in certain areas, it can ruin the curb appeal of your home and lower its value.

The most common factors we come across that can affect the siding of your home:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Rot and rust
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Heat damage
  • Storm damage
  • Incorrect installation

Every situation is different, so the best approach to fixing issues will depend on a variety of circumstances, from the type of siding used, to the way it was previously installed, to the type and extent of damage afflicted. And unless you plan on repairing small sections of siding on your own, at minimum you can expect to pay $500 or more for a repair or replacement by a licensed contractor in the Vancouver, BC area.

Vancouver Siding Repair Process

At Vancouver Siding, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work on your commercial or residential property. When a repair is scheduled, we’ll start by visiting the property to do a full inspection. We’ll assess any areas of siding that need attention and take note of the severity of the damage, as well as look for any underlying damage.

We’ll also examine the style, texture and colour of your siding so that we can match it perfectly for a seamless finish. Upon completion of the assessment, we’ll schedule your siding repair appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you. Once we arrive with all the relevant siding materials and tools, we’ll work efficiently to replace all damaged areas and leave you with a clean-looking home that’s well-protected from moisture intrusion.

Our company will also dispose of removed sections and install house-wrap and foam board insulation, leaving you with a more durable, energy efficient home that will save you money in the long-run. So why wait another day, month or year to repair your siding? Allow our experts to do all the dirty work while you kick back and relax in knowing that your home’s siding repair is in the best possible hands.

Common Siding Repair Scenarios

No matter what type of siding you have, our contracting specialists are well-versed in resolving problems in a cost-effective manner, and we’ll make sure appropriate measures are implemented to prevent those problems from reoccurring, whenever possible. We understand the right tools and techniques to use for the materials involved, whether the siding of your home is partially cracked, missing panels or has damaged soffit, fascia or rust.

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For example, vinyl siding is the most fragile of all siding materials. When subjected to extreme heat it can melt, whereas during cold weather it can become brittle and prone to crack. It especially has a tendency to crack when changes in temperature occur if it wasn’t initially nailed in correctly. In that circumstance, we would re-nail the siding and employ other techniques like caulking, sealing or painting to resist mold and moisture to help prevent exposure damage on your home’s frame.

Another common scenario we see is melted/warped vinyl siding, typically from the BBQ grill being placed too closely to the exterior wall. First and foremost, we advise you to move your grill as far away as possible from the side, especially with vinyl siding which is highly combustible. Unless the damage caused by heat is minimal with the integrity of the siding still intact, it may be salvageable by repair.

Cedar siding is a lot more durable (and expensive) than vinyl siding, but since it’s wood it is susceptible to rot. And when it comes to rotted cedar planks, the key is to catch it early enough before it has a chance to travel to the next layers of the home (frame, beams, insulation, drywall, etc.). Rotted wood can spread and completely destroy wooden building materials if it’s not taken care of ASAP, so the sooner you replace it, the less damage incurred which will keep your repair costs down.

rotten cedar siding repair vancouver

The repair and/or replacement of rotted cedar siding is a multifaceted process. First the cedar boards needing replacement are removed before we can pull out the rotted insulation from between the beams.

If it is a plank (beveled) siding, in most cases we might need to remove a few boards about the problem zone to be able to access the rotten boards and areas under the siding. It takes extra time as we need to be careful with all the boards above it not to crack them.

We then cut off all parts of the plywood that were underneath the rotted siding, ensuring no leftover residue is left behind. Once the new wood frame and beams have been carefully measured and cut out, we’ll reframe it to the home, upon which we can add the new insulation between the appropriate beams. After the insulation has been replaced, the next layer to install is the new plywood.

We’ll then install new trim after sizing it accordingly and use caulking around it. Once that’s done, we’ll replace building paper (behind the siding). The last step is to install the new cedar siding. The most important thing is to choose cedar siding that has exactly the same size and texture as old siding, so the wall will look organic after it is painted or stained.

Why side with us?

At Vancouver Siding, our experienced siding professionals are readily available to repair or replace sections of your property with top quality products. No matter what type of siding you have, we have the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to provide thorough siding repairs or partial replacements of any damaged sections. After we finish, you will be left with a seamless restoration of your home’s appearance for years to come.

Allow us to help you achieve that stunning curb appeal. To schedule a free estimate for a siding repair or installation, give us a call at 604-229-0033 or send us an email.

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Map of our projects

Our testimonials

"Very Professional Crew!"
They did a good job in lousy weather as the project was done during winter. The crew that was onsite was really good and we had no issues during or after renovation.

Bill C., Delta

"The team was great"

Vancouver Siding informed me of what they were doing and when it would be done. Most important, they showed up when they said they would. We are pleased with the job Siding in Vancouver did for us!

Anthony C., Port Moody

"Great service, very professional and on budget"

We had our siding removed and replaced by Siding in Vancouver. Vladimir (owner of the company) gave us many tips on what style would be the best for our home, gave us some catalogs to read and options on vinyl/hardy/cedar siding. It took us a few weeks to decide, but once we were ready, they ordered materials and guys started demolition and preparation the next day (I was blown away). Overall it takes a lot of time to replace siding on the whole house (now I know), it is a lot of work after all. Site was cleaned every day and Vladimir was always available to answer any questions we had.

Randy D., Burnaby

"Honest, reliable guys!"

Siding Vancouver is a great company to work with! Oleg explained me all the pro’s and con’s of different siding options, was very open about budgets for different options (as I had a very limited budget), so we decided to replace siding on 2 walls (the most beaten ones) and will do the rest in 2-3 years. Definitely will recommend those guys!

Willie A., Richmond

"They Offered Plenty of Options"

The crew were very professional and pleasant workers. I also received comments from other trades on how helpful they were. I found them doing searches online and glad I chose them.

Jeff T., Burnaby

"Siding Vancouver is Very Professional!"
I was very happy that they were able to complete the work on time. I was very pleased with the materials they were able to come up with to meet our needs and likes. I really liked the quality and the look of the installation. They had creative solutions because they went outside of the box and was willing to use different products to complete the project. If I ever have to redo our roof or build another home, I would call Siding in Vancouver for sure.

Simone D., Vancouver