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We are excited to announce a partnership with the top siding company James Hardie. Siding in Vancouver is the first Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractor serving Vancouver and based in Vancouver, BC.

Fiber cement siding (also known as “Hardie Siding,” because of its biggest manufacturer, James Hardie) has been largely growing in popularity over the last few years. It’s something that we see homeowners enjoy. The beauty of this durable material, compared to vinyl, looks more like natural wood or brick: however, at the same time, it does not require as much maintenance as traditional wood siding.

History and Manufacturing of Fiber Cement Siding

As you already understand, fiber cement siding gets its name from two of the main materials that go into creating it: cement and wood fiber. These ingredients — combined with sand, water, and different additives (depending on the certain manufacturer) — are blended together, then rolled out and pressed, to form sheets of desired thickness. After that, they are finally baked to form a tough and durable product. The entire process of getting the finished product from raw ingredients takes about 24-48 hours. Most fiber-cement siding manufacturers offer decent warranties for 25+ years against manufacturing defects, but not all products are created the same. The main difference here is in the various additives that different companies use, as well as in slightly different manufacturing processes.

Fiber cement siding got its second name, “Hardie Siding,” because James Hardie pioneered its manufacturing in the mid-1970s. His company became the biggest player in the industry. Today, they are still keeping this position and continue to innovate, making the product that thicker, lighter, and more workable. Additionally, James Hardie now creates products for different climates across North America and continues to lead the industry of fiber cement siding, with its line of prefinished products.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding (Hardie Siding)

Fiber cement siding competes in popularity with vinyl siding, and it has been around since the ’70s. It combines some of the best properties of all the variants of the trade. Here are some of the benefits of using fiber cement siding for your house:

Realistic Look and Attractive Curb Appeal
Various fiber cement siding products (boards, shakes, panels, etc.) can look just like real wood, brick, or even stone, which can increase the beauty of your house even more than vinyl siding.

Durable Material
Fiber cement has very strong impact resistance; when properly installed, it’s not affected by moisture (which is very important in the Vancouver area) and can last for over 50 years.

Doesn’t Rot or Succumb to Termites and Other Pests
Fiber cement siding isn’t affected by moisture or mould, as hardboard siding is, so it won’t rot. This is particularly important for the shady sides of a house, usually near the foundation. This also prevents you from worrying about insects that can threaten wood siding, because termites and their friends don’t swarm to this material.

Dimensionally Stable and Easy to Re-Paint
Fiber siding doesn’t expand or contract with changes in the environment.  Because of this, paint holds up exceptionally well on its surface. This means less painting (a paint cycle can be over 15 years long). Also, when the time to paint does come, there is no need for scraping or sanding.

Fireproof Material
Fiber cement has the highest level of fire protection, and it’s non-combustible. That’s a nice thing to have around your house. It’s also a benefit that could yield savings on fire insurance.

Available Pre-Painted or Primed
Manufacturers of fiber cement siding offer their products both primed and painted (15 years warranty on paint). The paint that has been applied at the factory is likely to last longer than conventional paint, applied after the siding is installed, but it carries additional costs.

As of April 1, 2019, there are a few changes to the portfolio of James Hardie products available in BC:

There is Statement Collection™ which includes 15 most popular colours and most popular styles of plank and shingle siding.

James Hardie Colors available in BC as of April 1, 2019 (in the Statement Collection):

Arctic White
Cobble Stone
Navajo Beige
Khaki Brown
Monterey Taupe
Timber Bark
Light Mist
Pearl Gray
Gray Slate
Boothbay Blue
Evening Blue
Aged Pewter
Night Gray
Iron Gray
Deep Ocean

Colours from the previous collection (before April 1, 2019, that are still available but under the Dream Collection (4 weeks lead time and higher cost than Statement Collection).

Sandstone Beige
Heathered Moss
Countrylane Red
Woodstock Brown
Mountain Sage
Chestnut Brown
Rich Espresso
Sail Cloth

Important! In the Statement Collection available reveal for the Plank Siding is 7”, for the Shingle Panels 7” as well, and 6” for Staggered Edge Panel. You can also choose one of the 6 colours for the Trim: Arctic White, Cobble Stone, Khaki Brown, Monterey Taupe, Timber Bark and Iron Gray (images of those colours you can find above).

If you want to go with a different reveal of the board or a different colour, there are a few ways to do it. Please ask our Project Manager to explain to you the options.

The Dream Collection of James Hardie has over 700 of ColorPlus finishes (colours), but there will be a 4 months lead time, and pricing will be different. Call us to learn more.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Most manufacturers give a warranty with their products, which protect against defects for up to 30-50 years. That makes fiber cement a very good investment for homeowners.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation

As a homeowner, you want to get a low-maintenance siding that will last for as long as possible, while also dramatically enhancing the exterior appearance of your house. If this is you, then fiber cement siding may be the ideal and most economical choice.

It is highly recommended to have an experienced contractor install fiber cement siding for your house. In the siding industry, high-quality workmanship is just as important as the quality of the material used. When installed improperly, fiber cement siding may not last long and may even void your home insurance. Fiber cement material, while durable, requires careful installation and proper handling prior to it. Vancouver Siding Company has professional crews that are very experienced and trained in handling this particular material.

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"Very Professional Crew!"
They did a good job in lousy weather as the project was done during winter. The crew that was onsite was really good and we had no issues during or after renovation.

Bill C., Delta

"The team was great"

Vancouver Siding informed me of what they were doing and when it would be done. Most important, they showed up when they said they would. We are pleased with the job Siding in Vancouver did for us!

Anthony C., Port Moody

"Great service, very professional and on budget"

We had our siding removed and replaced by Siding in Vancouver. Vladimir (owner of the company) gave us many tips on what style would be the best for our home, gave us some catalogs to read and options on vinyl/hardy/cedar siding. It took us a few weeks to decide, but once we were ready, they ordered materials and guys started demolition and preparation the next day (I was blown away). Overall it takes a lot of time to replace siding on the whole house (now I know), it is a lot of work after all. Site was cleaned every day and Vladimir was always available to answer any questions we had.

Randy D., Burnaby

"Honest, reliable guys!"

Siding Vancouver is a great company to work with! Oleg explained me all the pro’s and con’s of different siding options, was very open about budgets for different options (as I had a very limited budget), so we decided to replace siding on 2 walls (the most beaten ones) and will do the rest in 2-3 years. Definitely will recommend those guys!

Willie A., Richmond

"They Offered Plenty of Options"

The crew were very professional and pleasant workers. I also received comments from other trades on how helpful they were. I found them doing searches online and glad I chose them.

Jeff T., Burnaby

"Siding Vancouver is Very Professional!"
I was very happy that they were able to complete the work on time. I was very pleased with the materials they were able to come up with to meet our needs and likes. I really liked the quality and the look of the installation. They had creative solutions because they went outside of the box and was willing to use different products to complete the project. If I ever have to redo our roof or build another home, I would call Siding in Vancouver for sure.

Simone D., Vancouver