Vancouver siding is one of the leading providers of residential siding, installations, and replacement services in the greater vancouver area. We are the only preferred James Hardie contractor based in Vancouver.

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Siding In Vancouver Referral Program – Receive up to $500 for spreading the word –

At Siding In Vancouver, we appreciate the trust that you place in us when you refer us to your neighbours, friends, and co-workers. Our Referral Program is our way of saying “thank you” for your word of mouth recommendations and your confidence in our work and work ethics. Each time you refer to us someone for a siding installation project, we will provide the client with a 2% discount, and we will send you a cheque for up to $500 if they choose to utilize our services*.

Guaranteed award:

$500 if the referred project is more than $20.000

$250 if the referred project is less than $20.000

Bonus award:

At the end of every season, we choose to award one of the clients who referred us with a free trip to Hawaii for 2 (worth $3.000).

Here is how it works:

  1. Let us know the name and phone number of the person you’re referring, or give him/her one of our business cards with your name and number on it.
  2. We will contact this person for a free consultation regarding his/her home renovation project.
  3. If s/he hires us to do siding installation, we’ll offer him/her a 2% discount and send you a cheque for up to $500, or a gift card for your favourite shop or restaurant.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer.
Referral payments will be awarded once the project is completed and paid.
Referral must be a new customer.

Map of our projects

Map of our projects

Our testimonials

"Thank you Siding in Vancouver!"

We needed our siding to be replaced as it was installed over 35 years ago. I got 4 different quotes and Siding in Vancouver had the best price. I did some research on them, as there is another company with a very similar name, but after I talked to the James Hardie representative, he explained that it is the only preferred contractor with over 25 installations a year and the other company is not. Quality of installation was perfect, guys knew what they were doing. I am not sure why they gave me such a good price, but at the end of the day I am very happy with the result. Thank you, Andrey!

Simone D.

"Great service, very professional and on budget"

We had our siding removed and replaced by Siding in Vancouver. Andrey (owner of the company) gave us many tips on what style would be the best for our home, gave us some catalogs to read and options on vinyl/hardy/cedar siding. It took us a few weeks to decide, but once we were ready, Andrey ordered materials and guys started demolition and preparation the next day (I was blown away). Overall it takes a lot of time to replace siding on the whole house (now I know), it is a lot of work after all. Site was cleaned every day and Andrey was always available to answer any questions we had.

Randy D.

"Honest, reliable guys!"

Siding in Vancouver is a great company to work with! Andrey explained me all the pro’s and con’s of different siding options, was very open about budgets for different options (as I had a very limited budget), so we decided to replace siding on 2 walls (the most beaten ones) and will do the rest in 2-3 years. Definitely will recommend those guys!

Willie A.

"Excellent experience!"

I am glad we had our house renovated by Siding in Vancouver. Andrey and Eldar were great at communicating step by step all the aspects of the siding and windows replacement. It was quite a difficult project (house is very close to the neighbours), but guys did a great job, were on time and on budget. Thanks again!

Richard S.